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Starting Your Own Desktop Publishing Business


Desktop publishing is a money-making industry. From simple computer applications in 1985 when it was first introduced to the highly-sophisticated and advanced layout systems today, this field offers huge possibilities: you can become an artist, a graphic designer or a self published author. Whichever your chosen path, there are many ways to make an income in this exciting field.

Before the advent of home computer based publishing, people had to hire professionals to use huge machines to design brochures, newspapers, magazines, books and newsletters. Needless to say, design and layout were only for the skilled few. But today, virtually anyone can do design and layout as competently as any professional who works for big publishers thanks to the advent of desktop publishing!

There are a number of programs that allow you to design with ease and some training. These desk top publishing software packages are constantly evolving and coming out with new and more advanced features.Today, there are a number of desktop publishing programs that cater to various publishing needs. There are those that are designed for professionals and artists and limited capability programs that are designed for small businesses that want to layout their own brochures, newsletters, logos and flyers.

Some of the big name desktop publishing programs include Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress and Adobe PageMaker. InDesign and Quark are professionally geared software programs that allow multiple designers to work on the same project at one time, but are also used by artists and indie and small self publishing houses. These software packages require computers with fast processors and a large amount of memory to handle big projects. PageMaker, another graphic design package is geared more to the home user. It’s an excellent tool that is intuitive and user-friendly and can be used to design brochures, flyers, newsletters and other projects. Getting the right software package will make all the difference in your desk top publishing career.

Speaking of careers, you can make lots of money with desktop publishing. You can develop your aesthetic skills and become a full-fledged artist or become an independent graphic designer who designs printed and electronic designs for various clients. Of course, if you want to take this path, take a course on how to make big money running a desktop publishing business from home. You can attract a local clientele or build a web site that attracts clients from all over the world.

There is so much you can do in this dynamic and thriving field. All you need is to experiment, get your creative juices flowing and of course, learn the business end of desktop publishing.


Source by Laura Ramirez

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