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The Aspiring Artist


The artist today reaches his or her audience, produces work that is meaningful, and stays true to his or her own vision. The combination of being successful in these three areas can be difficult. This is true for all artists, but especially for the sculpture, the potter. How do you reach an audience but not give in to the foolish expectations of society? Plus, how do you use a medium that is three dimensional, unlike a two dimension painting?

Perhaps an aspiring artist should begin to work with simple designs first. In many ceramic classes students are first taught to make dishes, like bowls and plates. This gives them the opportunity to be creative while working on an easier project. The clay art plates these students create may not impress any New York City critics, but it gives them the opportunity to express themselves while first learning basic sculpting techniques.

Clay is an amazing material when creating art. The basic dish can be made from this earth material, and detailed polymer clay art can also express an artist’s view. The artist who is able to move from the simple to the difficult will also be able to produce meaningful work. He or she will develop three dimensional pieces that are true expressions of life and art as he or she sees it. Mosaics or ornate sculptures can show what an artist intends to be his or her vision.

The vision of an artist can be completed with the proper two dimensional covering. A good artist will use his or her painting ability while applying a glazing, and using the more complicated overglazes will be second hand nature. A glaze can set a ceramic piece apart from other art work, or leave it among the mundane. A strong artist will take the almost final sculpture and turn it into a masterpiece with proper application of glazes.


Source by Alice Lane

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